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Technologic description

Within technologic proceeding we use these machines and equipments:

Material cutting:

  • Metal Band saws
  • CNC plasma cutting machine
  • CNC oxygen/gas cutting machine
  • after splitting, edges and surfaces are processed by beveling, milling or grinding

Material shaping (bending, punching process, straightening, flattening)

  • eccentric press
  • assembly press
  • plate rolling machine (up to the thickness of 8 mm and the width of 2000 mm)

Material welding

  • semi-automatic welding in the atmosphere of gases according to the methods MAG, MIG
  • supplementary method TIG/WIG,MMA

Chipping mills

  • drilling machines
  • lathes
  • milling machines, shapers
  • boring machines

Material handling

  • overhead bridge crane – weight carrying capacity up to 8000 kg (material splitting and welding),
  • overhead bridge crane – weight carrying capacity up to 5200 kg (machining operations)
  • crane truck-weight carrying capacity up to 8000 kg (according to the length of arm)
  • Forklift – weight carrying capacity up to 3 500 kg.

Surface treatment

  • sandblasting of metalic surface by nonceramic sharp edge abrasive material before painting and up to level of surface clearness Sa2,5.
  • painting systems (painting by high pressure AIRLESS, or low pressure spray devices)